Saturn - Indiepop club in Gothenburg


Saturn was founded back in the early years of the millennium. The opening club night was held at the classic Haket, a small venue in Gothenburg built up on two floors. The premiere was held 15th of January 2000 and was a tribute night to Swedish band Kent. During 11 years Saturn was arranged more than 250 times at Haket. For the 11th anniversary the club was moved a couple of 100 meters to another classic Gothenburg venue, Henriksberg and its top floor terrace. The venue holds a nice hacienda and view of the Gothenburg harbour, stage, dancefloor and of course a great bar. The club was run Henrik, who you always found behind the DJ rack. The club and it's dancefloor was a classic piece of Gothenburg's pop scene. Every club night you could find crowded dancefloor with happy clubbers singing along to Britpop classics like The Smiths and Joy Division as well as Swedish indie anthems with Håkan Hellström and Broder Daniel. The last night was held 18 November 2016.

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